What is Money?

Most people think of money as coins and notes that have been issued by the government. Money therefore being a physical and tangible commodity that is exchanged for goods and services.

That is TOTALLY Wrong.

Money is an ILLUSION

Firstly, of all the money in circulation within the UK only 3% has been issued by the UK government via the Bank of England. The remaining 97% has been created by the high street banks as numbers on a computer. This means that the physical existence of ‘money’ is completely wrong and it is an illusion.

Working Hard is THE LIE

Secondly, we have taught that money comes from working for someone or from having sold goods and services. We are then told that to have more money you need to work harder. The more effort you put in, the great the financial benefits.

Which idiot came up with this theory?

It is likely that the first person was an employer who wanted to motivate his staff. The more motivated his staff were, the more he profit he made. So everyone copied this idiom and it became common knowledge to have to work hard to have money.

What if this was all wrong?

The truth is that money is a bi product from having helped other people..

You could look at it as a bi product of having completed a task or work. That argument would be correct in so much as you have ‘been paid’ for doing something. But that is one transaction (payment) for one action (the work). However, when you stop working, the payments stop.

The true meaning of ‘bi product’ is that money comes as a bi product of having helped other people. So look at this in the same way as you save money in a piggy bank. If you keep depositing money in the piggy bank, there will ALWAYS be money for you to use when you need it most.

SO IF IN LIFE …………..

– you make a point of helping other people, which could be in different non financial ways

– you believe that as a result money will then flow back to you when you require it most


I appreciate that this requires an element of trust, so think about points in your life when you needed help and it just COINCIDENTLY turned up. Perhaps you had a flat tyre and someone stopped to help you. Perhaps you were short of money one month and refund cheque or new work just arrived in the nick of time.

And…the fact that there is so much more money in circulation, should give you more confidence that there is actually more money that can find its way back you you.


One reason that some people are poor and some rich is their belief around the flow of money. Think of this as either an open or closed door.

If you constantly cast doubt on having money, talk about your bad luck, focus on your financial problems and help no one – you have just closed the door on any money coming to you.

If on the other hand you are relaxed about money, about life and know money is a bi product of helping others – you will open the biggest financial door and money will come to you.

That’s the point – MONEY WILL COME TO YOU.

You will stop searching for money and you will ALLOW money to find its way into your life. So ignore all these idiots who talk about working harder, as they have been taught by other people who have a vested interest in you being poor and trapped as their financial slaves.

Finally, there is a limitless supply of money so trap into it NOW 🙂

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