Wanting or Needing Money Will Make You Poorer

A big mistake that many people make is to use the words :

“I want money” or “I need money”.

I used to do this all the time when I was in debt and I even catch myself doing from time to time now. When I speak to people about money, nearly everyone says that they want money or if they are in debt, they need money.

This is a natural thing to do BUT it so wrong and will just make you poorer.

Here is why it WILL make you poorer.

When you say “I want” or “I need”  money, you are recognising that the money is missing in your life right now. You are confirming the LACK of money in your life.


Whatever you focus on you will attract into your life. This can be by the words you have, the thoughts you use or how you feel about something.

So if you make a statement such “I want money”, you have just confirmed to the Universe that their is a LACK of money in your life. The Universe has only one job and that is to reflect back into your life that which you are focus on.

If you want LACK, you will get LACK.

So in this example, you will receive more situations of financial hardship because that is what you asked for !!!!!!!!!!

The Universe works in the present tense, so when you speak about things that you desire, want and need etc, the Universe actually hears you saying that they are missing.


There is no point in trying to run if you are unable to walk.

If your goal is to have money and you are in debt, you must first start with smaller steps. First of all ‘FEEL’ what it is like to have FINANCIAL FREEDOM, basically no debts. This will generate a considerable amount of great positive emotions in your body and the Universe will therefore assume that you have the money RIGHT NOW.

That being case, the Universe has to give you what you are focus on and money will just turn up in you life.


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