How To Have More Time

Time is the same for everyone, so how is it some people have more time than others?

More time to relax, more time to have fun, more time to enjoy themselves.

Time is also perceptual, which means that is different for each person. What seems like a short journey for one person can seem like an eternity for another.

To have twice as much time you must remember one thing, there are laws that govern our lives. For example, there is gravity which we all know about. You would never jump off a big building as you would end up in a big mess at the bottom.

Well there are other laws that govern our lives.

If you ignore these laws it is the same as paddling up stream in canoe, which is tiring, hard work and often results in getting absolutely no where. If you follow these laws it is the opposite and like paddling downstream – life becomes easy and simple.

One of these laws says that whatever you focus on, you attract into your life. These are also for simplicity known as Universal Laws as they apply universally to everyone.

So, this is how it works with time.

By saying “I don’t have enough time” results in situations being reflected back into your life where you can run out of time. You end up running around mad and find you are chasing your tail all day.

All that happened was your thought of ‘a lack’ (in this case time) being reflected back into your life. This happened because you asked for it.

More examples.

Let’s says you eat your food really quickly. That action is ‘you’ saying that you are in a rush.

You drive everywhere quickly. A belief you have a lack of time.

You walk quickly from place to place. Again, a lack of time.

Remember that if you believe there is a lack of time you will experience a lack of time, because life is in effect one big mirror. This is important because it means that you are in control of your life and able to change the amount of time you have.

Realising that you are in control of your life, It is easy to change, so that you have more time.

All you need to do is the following:


Say to your self and other people  “I have loads of time”.

Result: You will have more time and it will be reflected in your life.


Take your time when walking or driving or doing something.

Result : As your actions are reflected back into your life, you will have more tine


Instead of rushing into a job, take a break with a nice cup of tea and relax for 10 mins.

Result : As your actions are reflected back into your life, you will have more time

Time is perceptual you can have as much or as little as you wish. All you need to do is to change your thoughts, words and actions and you can have more time.

Imagine having the time in your world.

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