How to make thoughts happen

How amazing would our lives be if we just thought about about something and it happened?

What if everything we thought about occurred?

Imagine chatting to somebody and you had a conscious thought like ‘what is your name’ or ‘how old are you?’and they just tell you 🙂

These are ALL true.

Our minds are incredibly powerful, yet we only use 7% of their capability. Scientists say we have 60,000 – 70,000 thoughts a day and around 90% can be on events that have never occurred. If you are struggling financially, this can mean that many of your thoughts are on debt and perceived problems. We then make our minds even busier by spending 52 days a year looking at our mobile phones.

This means our brains are constantly thinking, thinking, thinking.

This causes a BIG problem.

Our world was built like a mirror, so if you looked in the mirror all your moods would be reflected back. The intention being to give you control over your life, so if you had a smiley face you then received happy events in your life. On the other hand, if you looked sad you then received more problems to make you even sadder.

To make it WORSE.

All the Universe wants to do is help you. All the Universe wants to do is give you ‘stuff’ that makes your life amazing and fulfilled. However, we as humans do two things :

1.ATTRACT rubbish
Because our thoughts can be (90% for many people) on negative events that have never happened, we then received negative events reflected back into our lives. When these ‘bad’ things then do happen, we feel justified that our initial thoughts were correct and can then say “I told you so!” This then generates more negative thoughts, which creates even more negative events and around we go again.

In this situation, the Universe is powerless to help because we are receiving that which we are focusing on.

2.BLOCKING the good
For anything good to come into your life, it in effect needs a ‘door’ to come through. We can choose to create many open doors in our lives or equally we can choose to close these doors. Most of the time we have no idea what we are doing with these doors because we are so consumed with our busy lives that we spend so much of our time struggling and dealing with problem after problem instead of actually living. By closing these ‘doors’, we are BLOCKING the good from coming in.

By having busy busy brains that are focused on thousands and thousands of negative thoughts, we can often close the doors and block good ‘stuff’ from coming into our lives.

What were you doing when you had your last brilliant idea?

When our brains are relaxed like in the shower or sitting down with a nice cup of tea, good ideas suddenly come to us. This is because by stopping thinking you have created a space for the Universe to give you good ideas. Call it an open door. These ideas can solve problems, show you how to achieve something important and importantly make your life better.

So what if you OPENED loads of doors?

They say knowledge is power.

What if you were able to reduce your thoughts and in so doing open many doors that allowed the Universe to introduce into your life lots and lots of value?

This value comes in good ideas, solutions and is the UNIVERSE HELPING YOU.

If you wish to experience this amazing transformation in your life, here is what you do.

The Plan

Five times a day take a five minute break.

Sit or lie down with your eyes closed, body relaxed and think of nothing. If it helps, follow your breath gently into and out of your body.

This exercise does three things :
Reduces negative thoughts, which reduces negative events from happening
Creates space for the Universe to help you
Makes you feel better because you have prioritised you before your busy life

Because you have created this space, when you have a thought there is room for an answer to come to you. As a result, you are back in control of your life.

Try it for seven days, you will be amazed by the results.

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