Living in Fear is Making You Poorer

Our world is a duality, we are either one thing or another. Either happy or sad, well or ill, rich or poor. There is no middle ground, which provides you with the opportunity to pick the life you want to lead. Duality is the fifth Universal Law.

YOU now have choice.

Most people have no idea they have the choice and live their lives talking about their problems. When these are financial it usually means they are living in FEAR – fear of debts, fear of a lack of money, fear of losing their job, fear of losing the house etc etc.

The opposite of fear, is living in a world of EXCITEMENT.

YOU should look at this way.    

Imagine a water line and below the water is fear. If you live your life down there, it feels like you are drowning and rightly so. If you are above the water, life is great and full of (yes you have guessed it) excitement.

When I was in debt, my life was spent in total fear. When I started to focus on good things in my life, especially anything and everything that made me excited (no matter how small), I attracted more and more money into my life.


Find three opportunities during the day, ask yourself how you feel and are you below or above the water line. Are you living in fear or excitement?

Knowing where you are is a fantastic starting point. If it is fear, then you now know what is causing you to be in debt. If it is excitement, how can you be even more excited about your life?

Remember, being EXCITED opens a door, which allows money to find its way into your life.

Good luck and ‘stay excited’.

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