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A Campaign to have the UK Government Repay all £200 bn of Unsecured Debt

The UK governments over the last 50 years have intentionally had a policy of imprisoning people in debt as a way of controlling them. 

At the moment there are severe financial problems with there being :

  • £200 bn of unsecured debt
  • 8 million people in severe debt
  • 4 million people in fuel poverty
  • 2 million people in their overdraft every month.


Why have the governments never educated people about money?

Why have the governments given control of the money supply (97%) to the banks?

Why have the governments never educated people about how life works?

This campaign gives people a voice and an opportunity to take back their FINANCIAL POWER.

Your Action

If you believe you should have financial freedom, complete these three actions :

  1. Add you name to the petition
  2. Join the facebook group      GOV2Repay
  3. Upload you story of how debt has affected you

This is your opportunity to take your financial power and have financial freedom.