Universal Law 4 : LIMITLESS SUPPLY

So we have three Universal Laws so far that allow us to ATTRACT anything and everything we desire into our lives, as long as we meet the one condition which is to be EXCITED about our lives.

Humans being humans have a habit of doubting what actually exists and the Universe heard humans doubting ‘how much love and how much laughter and how much money’ actually existed.

The Universe Smiled

The Universe smiled and being the Universe had a smile that expanded across all space and time and certainly far beyond the comprehension of words within this blog 🙂

“I have a great idea” said the Universe “I will create a LIMITLESS SUPPLY of everything that you desire.”

The Universe delighted in its creation sat back in its Universal comfy chair to see the fun mankind would have with some much fun, love, laughter, happiness, health and money.

“What will they do will all that LIMITLESS SUPPLY?” wondered the Universe.


However, there was a problem that no one, even the Universe had considered.

These Laws were intended for people to ATTRACT (Universal Law #2) everything that they desired (Universal Law #1) into their lives. ATTRACTION works on the basis that whatever you are focusing on, you ATTRACT into your life – good and bad.

So if you were focusing on problems, debts, being unlucky etc etc, you would receive more problems, debts and you would be experience being unlucky because THAT IS WHAT YOU ASKED FOR !!!! A bit of a pain, but that is how it works.

This means that your LIMITLESS SUPPLY could either be of good things or equally be of things that made your life challenging.

The Universe sat back and thought. “I have given them the option of what they can ATTRACT, I wonder what they will actually ask for.”

The Universe then decided that everyone should be allowed to make their own choices, which sounded fair enough. “I know” said the Universe “I will make this choice thing really easy and create a Law to help all of mankind.”

That is exactly what happened and Universal Law #4 was created to give YOU the power of choice.

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