Universal Law #3 : LAW OF EXCITED

So we know that there are 10 Universal Laws and they all knit together perfectly to make our lives amazing.

You see the Universe woke up one day, did a big stretch and gave us their amazing gift of FREEWILL, which is the ability to BE, DO and HAVE anything and everything that your heart desires. That was Universal Law #1.

The Universal knowing we needed some help then gave us ATTRACTION so that we could have all theses amazing things come into our lives, instead of having to work hard and get them. This is Universal Law #2.

So in our car analogy Law #1 is the car that can take us everywhere and Law #2 is the engine that allows the car to move.

“Ahh” said the Universe “if you wish for the car to move it will need some fuel.” So the Universe created Universal Law #3 EXCITED as the fuel that allows the car to move.

No GRUMPY People

“Wait a minute” said the Universe “what if if everyone could have what they desired but they spent their day being grumpy, moaning about this and moaning about that.” The Universe scratched its head [if the Universe can have a head 🙂 ] and said

“I am going to create ONE CONDITION that everyone must meet in order for attraction to work. People must be EXCITED about different aspects of their lives.”


Being EXCITED is like a door that is open, which then allows everything you desire to come into your life. The more excited you are the bigger the door – its that simple. You can also have as many doors open as you like 🙂 🙂

You should be excited about as many different aspects of your life as possible. This could be a coffee with a friend, going shopping to buy a new coat, your work, hearing birds sing, seeing the sunrise, the laughter from your kids – basically get excited about your life.

Pleased with itself the Universe listened to people and heard some people question how much love and how much laughter and how money existed and ‘what if there was not enough?’.

“I have a brilliant answer” said the Universe “and you will smile when you see Universal Law #4”.

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