Universal Law #2 : LAW OF ATTRACTION

So we know there are 10 Universal Laws and these have been created to make our lives amazing.

The first Universal Law gave us the ability to BE, DO and HAVE anything we desire and the analogy being of that of a car that can take you anywhere you wanted to go. So the car could move, The Universe gave it an engine and called it the Law of Attraction.

So You Want Everything

The Universe then said, “If you want all things, I had better give you a way that you can have them.”

The Universe in its wisdom said “Instead of you having to work hard, put in tonnes of effort, get stressed and even get into financial debt, I will give you a way that everything can come to you.”

The Universe in its total wisdom came up with the idea of ‘attraction’. Instead of chasing after everything that you desire, allow it to come to you. What a brilliant idea.

The Universe was well chuffed (pleased) with itself and thought that mankind would be able to relax and have everything they desired. “All you have to do is focus on WHAT YOU WANT, and you will ATTRACT it into your life. Just FEEL the way you want to be.” said the Universe.

Its So Simple

If you focus on already having FINANCIAL FREEDOM, the money will flow to you.

If you focus on already having a MASSIVE amount of money, it will flow to you.

But someone forgot to tell mankind and people spoke about their debts and received more financial problems.

Some people used affirmations to say they were rich, but actually felt poor and got poorer.

“The Law of Attraction” said the Universe is intended to make your lives easy but…………

…..there is ONE CONDITION

The Universe decided that it wanted people to live their lives to the max. So it created one condition that made the Law of Attraction work brilliantly.

This is Universal Law #3 : Excited and it will transform your life.

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