Universal Law #1 : FREEWILL

There are 10 Universal Laws that knit perfectly together to allow you to lead the most amazing of lives.

These Laws were created so that you could lead a life that was full of love, laughter, happiness, health and money. Basically an amazing life.

Whatever you wanted to be, you could be.

Wherever you wanted to go, you could go.

Whatever you wanted to do, you could do.

Whatever you wanted to have, you could have.

These Laws also eradicate life’s problems, or challenges if you prefer a more positive word :).

The Greatest of Gifts

When you were born, you were given the most amazing of gifts. You were given FREEWILL, which is ability for you to choose to BE, DO and HAVE anything and everything that your heart desires.

How amazing is that?

Can you imagine how amazing your life should be?

So the question you may be asking is “if that were true, where is all my stuff and why is life so challenging?”


It is challenging because there are people who want you to live in the ‘dark’ and remain ignorant to the gifts you were given. You then lead a difficult life that is controlled for someone else’s profit.

Take money as a for instance. If you had financial freedom, there would be no need to borrow money and go into debt. If everyone had financial freedom, there would be no rich bankers and politicians and we would have an equitable world. How amazing is that?

Here is the important thing – no one can take away your FREEWILL, but you can give it away.

To be honest, we are all programmed to give away (without realising it), control over various aspects of our lives. BUT BUT BUT you can at any moment say “STOP, I am taking back my FREEWILL as this is my life and I am going to live it the way I want to !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Hopefully, you have just done that 🙂


FREEWILL and the Universal Laws can be best explained by the analogy of a car. Imagine you were given this shining, beautiful new car that you knew could take you everywhere you wanted to go.

The problem being that you had no one idea how to drive it, in the same way that you have no idea how to exercise BEING, DOING and HAVING everything you desire.

The other 9 Universal Laws show you how to drive your car, and therefore take full control over your life (the car) so that you can go wherever you wish, whenever you wish and ……….BE, DO and HAVE anything and everything your heart desires.

Are you ready for Universal Law #2?

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