Why UK Governments Want the Public Imprisoned in Debt

There are two reasons :

REASON 1 : To Grow the Economy

We live in flawed financial economy that the UK government knows is flawed, but refuses to acknowledge or even fix it – BECAUSE it is in their interest to leave it broken.

It is flawed because it is entirely based on using ‘new money’ to continually fund the purchase of goods and services.

This can be proven by looking at the money supply.

The money in circulation in 1970 was £25 billion, but in 2017 it was £2.3 trillion of which only 3% had been issued by the government via the Bank of England in notes and coins. The rest is money that has been created by the banks by adding numbers to a computer screen and then lent to public. All fully supported by the governments over the last 50 years. 

The public has been borrowing more and more money to survive.

Unsecured debt is now at a record high of £207 billion and rising at approximately

15% per year.



  • 8 million people in severe debt
  • 4 million people in fuel poverty
  • 2 million live in an overdraft EVERY MONTH

…and the problems are getting worse


So where has all the money gone that has been spent?

It has worked it’s way through to the rich and then left the economy, sometimes in to offshore tax havens or other assets that make them richer. Again fully supported by the governments.

To keep the economy ‘growing’, the government needs more continuous spending, which only comes from more money being borrowed. Therefore the governments have a policy of supporting people getting into more and more debt.

REASON 2 : To Control People

ALL governments want to be able to pass their legislation with the least amount of challenges from other parties or the people as possible.

If you are in debt, your main focus is finding the money each month to pay your bills, your debts and  your living expenses.



5 Million are now self employed, which is15% of the working population.

… simply because their is NO job security


You are basically SURVIVING.

The more financial pressure you are under, the greater your focus is to survive, keep your job and your head above water.

The greater this pressure, the less likely you will be to complain about your working conditions and pay. This is perfect for any government because it means you are controlled and are more likely to accept whatever changes, new legislation and new controls they wish to implement.   


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