Why Trying To Ascend is Wrong

How often do you question what you are told?

How often do you ask why?

What if the person who told you something was told by someone who misunderstood or misinterpreted information from someone else who had also got it wrong?

I hope this has got you thinking because the whole ‘ascension’ subject comes into this area and I would like to give you something to think about. For 1,000’s of years the focus in many scripts, religions, communities etc is all about ‘ascending’ and going to this amazing place after our physical experience has ended  called heaven.

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

Some even ‘warn’ us that if we are bad, we may never go or worse ‘descend’ to place hell.                     

It is funny how people who wish to control others always use fear – think about it.

What if everything you have been told was wrong?

Consider the following :

You Are Already in Heaven

If you were a visitor from another planet and came to Earth for the first time, you would say “WOW, look at this place.”

  • There are seas, fresh water and salty, snow covered areas, deserts with sand, forests, mountains, valleys, waterfalls and every conceivable type of geography.
  • You can travel to experience all the different seasons from rain light and torrential, to snow and ice, the amazing sun and heat from warm to scorching, the wind light to blowing you off your feet.
  • Then look at all the 1,000’s of different animals. Some fly and are covered in feathers of different colours, some live in the sea, some run, some climb and live in trees and some live underground.
  • Then there are all the different colours in the plant life, the animal’s skin, their fur, scales and feathers, the sky and its clouds.

If you stopped for one moment and considered everything that we have on this planet, you would say this is heaven. If I asked you to redesign our planet so it was more varied, more colourful, more enjoyable – could you?

Where is Your Soul?

We believe that we exist as physical beings, which makes sense because we do have a body for the period that we consider our lives to be alive.

We are also told that we have a soul, our true spiritual essence. But where is your soul?

Ascension – for most people – is about dieing, leaving our physical body and meeting back up with our soul “hey soul I’m back, glad to meet you again” :).


Firstly you are already in heaven.

Look at this amazing planet that you can experience. Surely if there was a place called heaven, it would look like and contain all these amazing things that our planet already has. If it is impossible to improve on what we already have, this has to be heaven. Would you agree?

Secondly, what if ascension was the wrong way around?

Instead of trying to go and meet your soul, what if you were meant to have your soul come and join you in the physical?

Photo by Jared Erondu on Unsplash

Think about that.

What if it was all about you becoming WHOLE, on this planet right here, right now?

What if you were already in heaven and being WHOLE completed the journey?

This would immediate create a purpose and meaning to life and your life. Think how wonderfully fun your life would be, how amazing your life would become and all the joy and excitement you would have. And you would also become fully conscious too.

In previous blogs I have asked the question “Are you awake?” and now you know why.

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