I am on a quest to help at least 100,000 people get out of debt and have financial freedom.

I will throw the kitchen sink at making this happen and will help you in any way I can.

Having been in serious debt, I know how painful it is and how hopeless your life can feel. It also cost me my 16 year marriage, which meant I got to see my children 2 days a week instead of all of the time 7 days a week. 

Because of that pain, all I want to do is help other people get out of debt. I have therefore set moneyATTRACT.com up as a project to help other people achieve their financial freedom. 

My biggest fear was being unable to buy my children Christmas presents and it nearly happened TWICE. Therefore I will give 10% of the net income from this project to families who are unable to buy Christmas presents for their children. 

This be a $100/£100 or 100 Euro equivalent  toy shop voucher per family, so their kids wake up with a smile on their faces.  🙂