How to Generate Magnetic Energy

What is Magnetic Energy?

There are times when something is broken or stopped working like a laptop, washing machine or perhaps a door lock. Then someone approaches it, possibly touches it and it starts to work again.

There can be projects that have ground too a halt and then someone new is introduced too to the team and the project suddenly takes off. Photo by Alexei Scutari
There are people who can walk into a room and their presence just lights up the room.

There are situations where people can be getting upset and then one person with just a few words is able to calm the situation and resolve matters.

These are all examples of magnetic energy.

Everybody has Magnet Energy

The amount of magnetic energy is directly linked to your outlook on life.

If you prefer :

to look at the negative in situations or people
the woe is me
to think of everything that can’t be done
to shout rather than resolve calmly
to complain
to look at the downside
Photo by brut carniollus

It is mostly likely that your magnetic energy is low and you are more likely creating problems, things to break or go wrong in your life.

Here’s something important.

We were given Universal Laws to govern our lives. Universal Law number 5 is called Duality, which says you are one thing or another, so for example you can choose to be :

hot or cold
wet or dry
go left or right
be rich or poor
be healthy or unwell

Everyone was given the chance to choose what kind of life they want to be and it is this choice that defines how much magnetic energy you have. The more you have, the more great things that happen in your life.

Your body is electric.

Around your body is an aura, which is an electric magnetic field that can be measured and also photographed. If you have a small amount of magnet energy, this aura is small, which also means your immune system is under pressure and you might be more susceptible to illnesses like colds and flu.

If you have a large amount of magnetic energy, this aura will be large and simply the presence of that person will change the emotions in large room.

You choose.

This is your life and you were given the choice as to how you wish to lead it. So do you wish to be that negative person always looking for and speaking about problems with little magnetic energy?

Or would you prefer to be the person full of life, excited to be alive with tonnes of magnetic energy who keeps on seeing great things happen in their life?

Seriously, its your choice.

Here’s what to do to increase your magnetic energy and therefore your magnetic personality 🙂

Make a list of everything that makes you excited about your life. It can be anything small from a having a coffee with a friend, to seeing the sunrise, to your work, an event you are going to, a holiday that is booked. It can be absolutely anything.

Try and initially find ten things that make you really excited and put a smile on your face.

The during the day, you can choose to either focus on problems and issues or focus on just those things that make you excited. By being excited, you will naturally feel good and your magnetic energy (aura) will expand.

As a bi product, you will also become healthier – how good is that?

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