What it feels like to be awake : Part Two

OK, so you have asked the question ‘am I awake’.

The next question is : How Awake are You?

And if you needed another question you would ask : What does it feel like to be awake?


I had no idea what it felt like to be awake so I asked as many spiritual people as I could. The vast majority of which were unable to answer the question, or the answer was a complete waffle. So having explored what it is to be asleep, I explored in myself what it is to be awake.

Here is my definition of being awake and there are essential three elements :

Element 1 : Excited

You wake up in the morning excited about your life and day ahead.

Your life is exciting and you see the funny side to everything.

Element 2 : The Beauty

You can see the beauty in everything around you, including the sounds and the colours.

You actually hear the birds sing, your favourite sone on the radio, you see the sky and sun and notice all the beautiful things that exist in every minute of the day.

People who are asleep fail to notice most or all of these things

Element 3 : Peace and Contentment

People who are asleep have problems, which become bigger problems and take over their lives.

People who are awake seem to have far less problems, or the problems are actually small challenges or they simply as if by magic disappear.

So I know knew the difference between being ‘asleep’ and being ‘awake’ and was able to work on my life to spending more of my time awake. So I asked myself the question ‘when my eyes are open, how much of the time do I feel I am ‘awake?’.

I am only Awake 30% of the Time (AHHHH)

My truthful answer was possibly 30% of the time. This is good news because I know how good my life feels when I am awake and if I still can improve it by another 70%, my life will be totally amazing.

Based on the above, you should now be asking yourself the same question too? That leads me to the final question, what is it to be fully conscious. This is my understanding :


Imagine being in a field and being able to see the energies of each tree, each blade of grass, each droplet of water and being able to interact with each of these energies. To then be able to communicate with fellow humans individually and en mass by thought alone, as well as other worlds and realms. To be able to travel freely around the planet by thought alone. Just think of a place and transport your body there. To see the joy in life and celebrate in each moment.

How amazing is that?

If you share in this vision and ‘see’ the words above, you should be asking ‘how can I become more awake?’  and ‘what do I need to do to allow this to happen?’.

…..and by the way, you have also answered the question ‘why are we here?’ 🙂 🙂 🙂

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