FAQ Page

I have priced the course and coaching at $144, which is just 11.11% of its worth of $1,296 to make it accessible to everyone.

You receive lifetime access to the course, 24 months access to the coaching, there are no additional fees and you receive regular support to help you achieve Financial Freedom and then a MA$$IVE amount of money.

Immediately – long as you follow and trust in my course. Money will come to you in many different ways and you should look out for it coming in small and big chunks.

Absolutely – even though the course is aimed to help people in debt, it is also for those people desiring a MA$$IVE amount of money. It will also transform your life and will help you attract anything and everything into your life.

Firstly to ATTRACT money, instead of making it.

Secondly to achieve Financial Freedom and have no debts.

Finally, for you to have a MA$$IVE amount of money.

Just 30 minutes a day in 5 minute chunks, which can be when it suits you. In the shower, driving the car or lying in your bed.

Really easy. You listen to audio tracks and watch short (5 minutes and less) videos that transform your life. You can choose between an Easy Money or a Turbo Money route depending on how quickly you would like money to come to you.

The coaching is there to help you every week and will help transform your life.

You can either use the forum as part of the coaching section or you can contact me on the facebook page. There is also a contact section on the website.

I will do my best to answer all questions or queries as quickly as possible.

The course is a 45 minute visual presentation and you will receive permanent replays. A workbook is also provided.

Forever – as long as you focus on being excited about your life.

I aim for 100% customer satisfaction and if you unhappy with the course I will be happy to refund you. All I ask is that you give the course your best effort and if you genuinely feel it fails to work I will get a refund sorted for you.