Are You Awake? Part One

The purpose of this blog is awareness, so that you can see the truth of where you and everyone else is on this journey of awakening.

What is it to be ‘awake’?      

Are YOU awake?

All simple straight forward questions and they should be easy to answer. That being the case, why do so many people struggle to answer such fundamental questions and why do so many people stare at you blankly with no idea of what you are talking about?

Why are WE here?

If we are unable to answer that one, what is the point in our existence. There has to be a point or why bother existing in the first place?

So many questions 🙂 and I do hope that this blog goes a small way to helping with some of the answers. So let’s begin.

There are three stages to be ‘awake’, which include :

Stage 1 : Being Asleep

Stage 2 : Awake

Stage 3 : Fully Conscious

The vast majority of people are asleep.

So your first question should be ‘how do I know?’ Well I wanted to know if I was spending my day asleep or awake, so I decided to create a simple test that allowed me to ascertain if someone else was asleep or awake. I could then see myself in other people to answer this question.

My test comes in 5 simple, immediately answered questions :

  1. Eyes -Look into the person’s eyes and ask yourself ‘are they alive’? Do they sparkle? People who are asleep have eyes that are blank and distant, as if they are miles away.
  2. Smile People who are awake have a ‘smile’, like they are happy inside and life is great. People who are asleep have no smile and can look miserableFace
  3. Face – People who are awake look happy.
  4. Sunny Dispersion – People who are awake have a spring in their step and carry themselves well. Compare this with people who are asleep and walk as if the world is on their shoulders
  5. Addictions – Someone that is awake will make a choice at a conscious level to have no addition, because what is the point? Those asleep will support their addiction for food, alcohol, smoking, drugs, gambling, shopping etc etc. So if you have an addiction, you are asleep.

I carried out this test by just observing people, a kind of social stalking 🙂 🙂

ONLY 1% of Adults Are Awake

I believe (and its just my opinion and you should make your own mind up) that 99% of the adult population are asleep.

The figure is lower for teenagers, possibly 70-80% and for younger kids (12  and under) I believe that approximately 50% are asleep. This I found scary because it means that only 1% of adults are awake, 20-30% (which might be generous) of teenagers and 50% of kids.

So I asked myself the question ‘when my eyes are open, how much of the time do I feel I am ‘awake?’.

My truthful answer was possibly 30% of the time. This is good news because I know how good my life feels when I am awake and if I still can improve it by another 70%, my life will be totally amazing.


………to find out what it feels like read Part Two : What it feels like to be awake.

5 thoughts on “Are You Awake? Part One”

    1. Hi Laura, If you have read this blog you WILL be awake. That is because people who are asleep live in a dream state and miss many important things and events. The actual question is ‘what percentage of the time when your eyes are open, are you awake?’ That is your starting point from which you can make your life even more amazing. m

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