Hi , I’m Marc.

2013 was a hard year financially and 2014 was a complete disaster. I work for myself and work just dried up so naturally I worked harder, and harder and kept putting in more effort. All I got was poorer and poorer and more into debt. I knew I was doing something wrong, but all I knew was to focus on money, visualise money, have rich thoughts, work harder and if that does not work, then work longer hours. 

I got into such a mess that I fell 3 months behind with my mortgage, my energy bills and my credit card bills. I had the humiliation of making payment arrangements with all my creditors and my credit rating was shot. The problems made me ill, and sometimes I would sit in my office, put my head in my hands and cry.  

Some Fridays I would go home with £20 and this had to last the weekend. Hard to do with three kids and wife wanting to do things. This just made feel worse and a failure. My marriage of 16 years had also failed and I was meant to move out of the family home, but how could I when I could not pay for the one I was in?

In January 2015 I hit rock bottom and finally accepted I was doing something wrong. On 19th January 2015 I decided to change my life, do things completely differently and find a way to ATTRACT money into my life. With help from Ester Hicks (the book the Secret was written around her work) I started to focus on me, feeling excited about myself and attracting everything I wanted into my life.

I developed simple, easy and unique techniques that changed my life and the money flooded in. In the last three years I have ATTRACTED £262,819 ($367,947) and have repaid all £24,878 ($34,829) of my debts, bought a racing mini, moved into a new home and I am excited about my life. 

You can see the proof of all of this on the site and now it is my mission to help 100,000 people achieve their financial freedom too. 

So now it is your turn.”



My Timeline - No Money and in Debt to ATTRACTING £262,819 ($367,947)

“I basically went from having no money to money flooding into my life from different areas. This letter from my account confirms my income was £262,819 ($367,947) over the last three years.

I am so pleased and my life is now sooooooo exciting.” marc

My Timeline

  • Jan 2015

    Began Journey attracting money

    Was £24,878 in debt and also three months in arrears with my mortgage, energy bills and credit cards. My marriage had also ended.

    on 19th January I decided to start attracting money instead of chasing it.

  • Feb 2015

    Asset utilties- £4,515 overdrawn

    My starting point was being overdrawn by £4,515 in my business account. This was £15 more than my overdraft limit of £4,500.

  • Apr 2015

    REPAID £3,225

    Repaid the three months of arears due for my mortgage, energy bills and credit cards

  • Apr 2015

    Asset utilities- overdraft repaid and £17,115 in credit

    Money has flooded in to my life and I’ve been able to repay my overdraft and have an additional £17,115.


  • May 2015


    I needed £6,000 for six months rent for a house, as I needed to move out of my marital home. I had to pay it upfront because of my bad credit rating.

    I then won a contract for £10,000 worth of work, which usually would be paid over 4 months. The client wanted to pay me 70% upfront because he had to spend the money due to an end of year accounting deadline. This meant I had all the money required for my rent.

  • Nov 2015

    First direct- repaid £2,767

    Repaid my First Direct credit card to the amount of £2,767.

  • Nov 2015

    Opus- repaid £1,077

    Repaid £1,077 to my Opus credit card.

  • Nov 2015

    Asset led- repaid £4,794

    Repaid  my business overdraft for Asset Led to the amount of £4,794

  • Jan 2016

    Income for the year £93,000

    In just one year my income had trebbled to £93,000 more than I had EVER made (attracted) before. 

  • Feb 2016

    Repaid £3,000

    Repaid a £3,000 loan I had taken from a friend when I was struggling so much financially I had no where else to turn. Thank you Stewart.

  • May 2016

    Bought a personal number plate £1,732

    Decided to treat myself to a personal number plate for my golf.

  • May 2016

    Restored my golf £1,725

    I have a classic MK IV golf that was 14 years old and decided to restore it to make it look so much better.

  • Jul 2016

    Bought a racing mini

    Bought myself as racing mini. Its a 1985 full blown 1380cc classic mini ready to race on the track.

  • Jul 2016

    Moved into my new house

    Moved into my new house with my kids. Its perfect for us.

  • Jul 2016

    Money was in first letter to arrive at my new house

    The first letter to my new house was a cheque from Virgin Rail for £101.40 because a train that I was on had run late. 

  • Mar 2017

    Mint Repiad- £5,278

    Repaid the full balance of £5,278 of my Mint credit card to be financially free.

  • Mar 2017

    free holiday!!!

    I wanted a holiday and my girlfriend was given FREE accommodation in a luxury hotel in the island of Madeira just off Portugal. 

    I required £700 for our flights and spending money and then received £702 of a tax refund !!

    So I got my free holiday – lucky me !!!

  • Mar 2017

    Financial freedom achieved

    It has taken me just over 2 years to discover how to ATTRACT money and repay all my debts.

  • Apr 2018

    ATTRACTED $367,947 (£262,819)

    In 3 years I have ATTRACTED $367,947 (£262,819) into my life and everyday is exciting. 

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