3 REASONS why the UK Government refuses to stop the next FINANCIAL COLLAPSE

The first question you should ask yourself is : “Why will there be another financial collapse”

The answer is as follows :

The UK financial economy is built on the principle that it requires more and more spending to feed the engine of growth. In the perfect economy, money should be earned, spent and re circulated around the economy to create a continuous cycle.

Instead money leaves the economy in the pockets of the rich and those in charge.

Therefore to keep feeding the economy, the governments support banks and financial institutions creating more money (as numbers on a computer screen), which is lent to the public to buy more goods and services. It is a flawed economic cycle, supported by the governments.

The levels of unsecured debt rise and rise and at some point as history has shown, something has to give. Its called a crash and the more debt there is, the bigger the crash.


There are three principle reasons :

REASON 1 : They are ignorant to what is happening

In a 2017 poll, 87% of all politicians had no idea how money was created  source : Positive News

If the politicians have no idea, then the public should be seriously worried.

REASON 2 : Some Politicians Have a Vested Interest in Making Money

Many politicians over the years have had a vested interest in capitalism and have gain financially from companies they had an interest in. If this is still true, politicians will continue to support a flawed system that they financial benefit from.

REASON 3 : They do not care

If you saw a problem coming that affected the people you serve, you would do something about it. If that was true, you would as the government regain control of the money supply and find ways for money to be retained and reinvested within the economy. BUT that is and has NEVER happened.

It is worrying when the public can see a huge problem coming and can also see what is causing that problem.

It is even more worrying when the people in charge refuse to see that problem.

It is then incredibly worrying when those people in charge continually support the problem. Maybe somebody should ask them why?

There comes a time when everyone should wake up and look at the financial world and see what is really happening. That time has come.

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